Organic Compost


The subject of the environment and the future of our planet is an incredibly daunting one. But how, as an individual or local business, can you make a difference?

In the local area, there are ways of disposing of and recycling your waste - but none very convenient:

  • the options are unclear, and are hard to reach

  • they involve a huge investment of time and energy


Furthermore, it is only a matter of time before commercial businesses in Suffolk & Norfolk are required to fully separate all waste products, including food and glass, in order to comply with national green targets.

Sole Bay Waste & Recycling are ahead of the game, and already offer complete and cost effective solutions to all of the above:

  • Collection and recycling of General Waste, Mixed Recycling, Glass, Food, Cardboard, and Plastics

  • We provide Bin Hire, Delivery, Monthly Cleaning.

  • Commercial Advice Service - we can help local businesses improve their green credentials, particularly within the hospitality industry, at the same time reducing their waste management costs.

We make the process of moving your waste management solution to Sole Bay Waste & Recycling smooth and painless, and save you money at the same time.